Vietnam Television ( VTV) to bear fault witness about proffesor Chu Hao

It was in the National News at 19h every day of Vietname Televion- VTV. A well-known proffesor named Chu Hao was bear fault witness by Vietnam governor Nguyen Phu Trong, using his many commarades in Vietnamese Communist Party.


Many Vietnamese people have signed in a atatement of concern over accusations directed at proffesor Chu Hao and the Knowledge Publishing House. They are are scholars, academics and researchers, who have dedicated their careers and much of their lives to the study of Vietnam.

“Chu Hảo’s primary work at the Knowledge Publishing House has been to make more accessible to Vietnamese students and scholars major academic works of other countries by translating them into Vietnamese.” a sentence in that statement.

First post on 19 Nov 2018- Last modification on 19 Nov 2018

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