Quantum mecanics and new view on the world today

Quantum mecanics opens up a new era of Digital Social Revolution. It also plays down materialism and idealism, suggesting a new philosophical concept Humanism: Ideal and material are 2 aspects of life-energy (the deepest inside of human-being which is a very very tiny amount of Big Bang). The Occidental and Oriental civilisations become more than ever so close together.

The world is changing big and fast, indeed.

Let’s see it in the whole international politics to get a new perspective of the modern world.

The main cause of global insecurity is the gap between rich and poor countries reaching the limit-danger, forcing all peoples as well as all governments must pay attention to resolve it.

The rich countries are all-out racing doing Digital Social Revolution as digital economy will play dominant role – not military – on the international political scene.

The potentiality of advancing the Digital Social Revolution and the contributing capacity of narrowing the poor – rich gap help us identify the “Five” front-runners.  They are the US, China, Japan, Germany, Russia. Please note China, Japan and Germany as 3 new emergent superpowers after 2nd world war, more and more independent with both Russia and the United States.

Mankind has global challenges that go far-beyond the authority of one superpower, no matter how powerful it is. Such as global poverty, trans-border terrorism, climate change, nuclear war, space war, cyber war… or issues directly related to the daily lives of billions of people on the planet, for example:

  • Food scarcity. It can increase yields with new techniques of genetics, farming methods… Humanity will not lack food, but bring relief to the needing place depends on the global, regional and on-the-spot security atmosphere.
  • Fuel – energy scarcity: In addition to firewood, coal, there are new sources of energy such as: atomic energy, solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, bio- energy, energy from inside the earth…
  • Industrial resources scarcity: High-tech engineering allows humans to exploit resources at seafloor for the first time. The sea occupies 71% of the earth’s crust, with rich and diverse natural resources as inland.
  • Economic migration, trans-border crimes


No doubt each country has its own global strategy. No doubt usually there is conflict of interest between countries. Particularly, to deal with issues of global scale only, the responsible superpowers such as the US, China, Japan, Germany, Russia have no other choice but to accept – by this way or that way, even behind the scene –  cooperation / competition in an inter-correlative mechanism for establishing global peace and security:

  • First of all, to secure the on-going Digital Social Revolution in their countries . Actually, there is no antagonistic contradictions between big “Five”. Although, how strong swap of words, the US – China trade war remains non-antagonistic dialogue and would be able to be handled through negotiations and by compromise. In reality, this trade war would be necessary to change WTO regulations.
  • On the other hand, compete to transfer Industrial Revolution toward poor countries by trade and investment (through capital, technology, management) to fill up the poor – rich gap. That is a sine-qua-non condition if rich countries want to make another big step forward with Digital Social Revolution. As example to spotlight the fierce on-going competition on Asia – Pacific, let’s take China’s One Belt One Road Initiative opposed by the US’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy

This inter-correlative mechanism leads to New Global Strategy North-South Cooperation, replacing the previous East-West Confrontation.

The North, about 20 rich countries that make up about a third of the global population, including top of the Bloc: The  US, China, Japan, Germany and Russia.

The South, around 180 poor countries, accounting for two thirds of the global population, located in five regions: Southeast Asia – Pacific (with regional cooperation Asean), South Asia (Saarc), Africa (Ecowas) Latin America (Mercosur) and the Middle East with regional cooperation, not yet in place, but possibly would be (with a little bit forced by global strategy) an economic cooperation between Israel and Arab countries in the region.

Overall, relations between countries on earth in the future include:

  • North-South economic cooperation through a New International Economic Order: Digital commodity exchanges with industrial goods;
  • Along with globalisation (WTO) goes a strong cultural interference between East and West.

The future humanist civilisation more prosperous and more balanced between material life and spiritual life of the humanity. It brings better opportunity for individual happiness.

All depends on the enlightenment of the world right now and right here at this turning point of history./.

Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, written on 29/12/2018- for a  happy new year, January 1st 2019

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