Indigenous minority people prove Taiwan is not part of China

We are Taiwanese aborigines, and we have lived here, on our motherland, for over 6,000 years. We are not an ethnic minority group in China.” Indigenous peoples in Taiwan proclaimed.

“We are Taiwanese aborigines, and we have lived here, on our motherland, for over 6,000 years. We are not an ethnic minority group in China. ”Indigenous people in Taiwan proclaimed.

The indigenous Taiwanese people, including the Kanakavavu people, have 300 people and Amis people with a population of more than 210,000 who affirmed to Xi Jinping – the mainland Chinese king that: “Mr. Xi Jinping, we,  the people of Taiwanese aboriginal descendants would neither be threatened by any one nor would be giving in for anything. ”

These people want that Taiwan’s future should be decided by Taiwanese aboriginal descendants  and other ethnic groups in their homeland. Xi Jinping threatened that China would use force its military armed force to make Taiwan submerge into the mainland. In response to it, the Taiwanese aboriginal people said bluntly: “Mr. Xi Jinping, do not harm others, no matter how different they are.”

China had the audacity to make that appeal to Taiwan because Taiwan used to let a great deal of Chinese people come over to Taiwan as refugees once since 1949, and now China would use the fact that there are so many Chinese people living in Taiwan to bring it up as a propaganda that Taiwan is a part of China.

China would do the same with Vietnam as it, now, is importing a lot of Chinese people in the Vietnam territories, such as the way Taiwan has done since 1949 until the Chinese community is strong enough, then the Chinese government would claim that Vietnam should be unified with China because Vietnam used to be part of China’s land. Right now, China has begun to promote and propagate that Vietnam were one of the inseparable territories of China, and China must have it back at all costs. If you meet and interact with some Chinese people living in Vietnam now, you get the impression that in their minds Vietnam is part of China.

China does not prove their influence on Taiwan in culture. In contrast, Taiwan thinks that they are more like Vietnam. The biomedical scientists also affirmed: The Taiwanese genome is very similar to the Vietnamese genetic diagram.

Phan Lam Khanh, a Parisian friend of the Vietnam Press Union, read this article and said: “This I know. Taiwanese roots are part of Japanese origin and partly of Vietnamese Bach origin (Viem Viet) when old. “

Written by Trieu Hoai AnTranslated by Duong Thi Phuong Hang

First posted at 9:04 AM 13/01/2017- Last modification at 10h40 AM 17/01/2019 

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Người dân tộc thiểu số bản địa chứng minh Đài Loan không phải là của Trung Quốc:

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